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Can anyone sign up as a video creator?
Yes, anyone can apply to sign up. Please note we take on a limited number of content creators to ensure quality on our platform. 

Do I get to choose the brands I work with?
We post daily castings on the Native platform, you can choose what brands to apply for. Clients select creators from the pool of applicants and you are notified with additional information if a client selects you.

How much do I get paid per job?
Once the content has been completed and reviewed, you will receive a one off payment between $50-$250 for that job.  You also get to keep the products you review.

Do I need to edit the content?
No, simply upload the raw content to the native platform.

Do I need to post my content on my personal social media?
No, the content will be used by the brand.

Where will the content be used?
Your content will be used by the brand across their social media accounts and paid advertising. Once you have been paid for your content, the Intellectual property will belong to the brand, including unlimited usage.

Do I get to keep the products I make content with?

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes, we have terms and conditions you will need to read, sign and accept upon joining the Native platform.

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